In my day job, I get paid to watch TV and make sure children are not scarred by watching it and that you swear a little less about when the commercial breaks occur, but cinema is my true love. As such, I have many opinions about it, some of which are occasionally published in Fortean Times as well as over at Forces of Geek.

On this blog, you will find various pieces about film, mainly reviews of features receiving a wide release in the UK, and I will always keep the reviews of new releases free from spoilers.

In the reviews, a score between 1 and 10 will be given, with 1 signifying that the film is the equivalent of cinematic cancer and 10 signifying that the film is cinematic nirvana.

Since I review alongside having a full-time, grown-up job, my reviews of features with a lower profile may be delayed. If you want to know if I saw a specific film and would like to know more about my thoughts on it, you can check my film diary on my Letterbox’d profile and request commentary, if desired.



Header image by Elena Jiménez for Glenda Lopez’ Pop Food collection.